trang chính



truyện dịch

thơ Anh Ngữ

thân hữu đọc

tiểu sử- tác phẩm

âm thanh

để nhận sách

lưu bút

nối kết

sinh hoạt




Tran Trung Dao , born in Quang Nam, Vietnam, is a poet, writer,  human rights advocate, and motivated speaker.  He fled the country by boat on June 1981 and resettled in the US in same year. Tran Trung Dao is best known for his poetry which is very simple but carries a deep pain for the suffering of Vietnamese people during the Vietnam War, and for their journey to freedom by the so-called  Boat People after the war.

"Tran Trung Dao's poems also are memorable for their apparent simplicity that masks turbulent emotions, for their gentleness pervaded by a profound sense of sadness, for their poignancy that readily penetrates the reader's heart and soul. Many of his poems deal with the pain of being an immigrant in a foreign land, worlds away from where one was born and grew up, the kind of pain that each one of us has probably experienced." (Vietnamese Reading Club at Harvard University)

His volumes of poems include  "My Life for my Mom's laughter" (Doi Ca Thien Thu Tieng Me Cuoi), "Restlessness" ( Thao Thuc ), "Tran Trung Dao Poetry Collection" (Tho Tran Trung Dao) and a collection of essays, "The Vietnamese Dream" ( Giac Mo Viet Nam ).

Since early 1990, Tran Trung Dao has played an active role in advocating for the leadership of Vietnamese American young generation in the Vietnamese American communities. He also travels extensively to give his speech at Vietnamese American communities, Vietnamese American Student  Associations, human rights conferences, the international writer and poet workshops. He and his family resides in Boston where he went to college. Tran Trung Dao has his daytime job as Database  Consultant for a financial investment company in Boston.

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bullet Farewell ! O, Little Thu Cuc
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bullet The Old Soldier Died Last Night
bullet Please, Do Not Ask !
bullet Vietnam's Breath
bullet O, Mother! You Are Poetry That will revitalize Motherland
bullet A Place With No Springtime
bullet O, Mother! We are going away!
bullet Let Me Be. . .
bullet A Thousand Years of My Time For Mother's Laughter and Smile
bullet A Vietnamese Girl On Sri Ayuthaya Boulevard
bullet A Crazy Mother
bullet A little Viet Girl and the Pebbles
bullet I Still Wait
bullet Nineteen Rainy Season